Near Infra RED Photodetection

Our  patented SiMO (Silicon Metal Oxide) near Infrared photodetection technology promises to be one of the future candidates for NIR photodetection at extremely low cost. 

Its USP are:

  • very low cost Si based NIR detection (orders of magnitude lower than existing IN(Ga)As based solutions.
  • high efficiency NIR photodetection with low response time down to <1ps
  • very low dark current
  • CMOS compatible

Our aim is to integrate this technology into a variety of applications including LiDAR, high speed data communications and chip interconnects.

We are currently running a manufacturability study with our partners at Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) in the UK, that will allow a TRL6 to be reached and demonstration of large area manufacturability with very good yield. 

Should you wish to learn more about our technology please contact us.