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Commercialising Scientific Innovation

Imperial Innovations

12 April 2017: Imperial Innovations Ltd., the tech transfer partner of Imperial College London, has spun out UK-based advanced materials memory manufacturer LoMaRe Technologies Limited to commercialise a patented non-volatile memory technology to revolutionise everything computing.  

note: Imperial Innovations Ltd. has since been acquired by IP Group PLC, no link to original web article is available. 

LoMaRe Technologies awarded Innovate UK Smart Grant for Initial Chip Design!

Following key achievements with the Company’s patent granted memory technology, LoMaRe Technologies entered the next stage of the memory technology development with a project on chip design, co-funded by Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation.

The granted award was part of the Innovate UK Smart Grant January 2022 Competition, and started on 1st September 2022. 

LoMaRe NIR Photodetection

1 February 2023: In collaboration with the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) in Durham, UK, LoMaRe Technologies has launched the development of our second portfolio technology - a Near InfraRed Photodetector. 

The next disruptive technology

In this collaboration with CPI, we aim to develop our next disruptive technology with the exact same mission as our other research and development projects - improve operating efficiency whilst reducing unit cost and saving power! 

What We Do

LoMaRe Technologies - commercialising scientific innovation

Our in-house theoretical scientists work closely with our researchers and engineers, analysing computer models to develop new technology concepts based on the latest advancements in thin-film technology, using advanced materials and exploring the boundaries of new material classes.

✔  The company holds IP in various applications ranging from future embedded 2 terminal non volatile memory technology, to near InfraRed photodetection and magnetic field sensing.

✔  We are working closely with our R&D partners in UK and China to advance our IP to a truly market disrupting product.

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Dr. Jan Zemen – Chief Scientific Officer CSO

Dr. Bin Zou – Chief Executive Officer CEO

Dr. Evgeniy Donchev – Chief Operations Officer COO

Dr. Andrei Mihai – Chief Technology Officer CTO


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